Design : Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié 
with Marie Levi
Scenography : Hugues Fontenas 
with Laure Lienard
Programming : Loïc Horellou
with Guillaume Evrard
Client : RMN | Grand Palais
Project : Signage
Photography : Benoit Fougeirol
Year : 2016

Carambolages exhibition’s signage at the Grand Palais, Paris (panels, digital labels, pictograms).
Curated by Jean-Hubert Martin, 2 March - 4 July 2016.

"Carambolages experiments with a new way of exhibition making. The spectator is not offered an artistic or historical narrative but rather a strange and beautiful selection of works that play on the imagination and interpretation of the visitor" — Yaman Kayabali.

009 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_Ret_1009 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_Ret_1
008 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_Crop008 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_Crop
007 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_Crop007 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_Crop
012 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_Crop_1012 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_Crop_1
002 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_1002 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_1
004 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_crop004 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_crop
019 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_light019 CARAMBOLAGES bf2016_light